September 4th Annually

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Helping animals is so easy!

There are many ways that you can get involved with
National Wildlife Day by:

  • Partnering with a local animal sanctuary to host a fun and educational event or making a donation.

  • Helping to promote an event at your local zoo or library by handing out flyers and posting info on your website if you have one.

  • You can partner with us to host an event at a local zoo or sanctuary.

  • Help support our work by providing financial support, or sponsoring a specific project or campaign.

  • Volunteer for our cause in many different levels of our work

  • Suggest to your local zoo, school, library, nonprofit organization or animal sanctuary about hosting a National Wildlife Day event.


We do require that all event coordinators contact us for
permission to use our name and branding for events,
press releases and advertisements.

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